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17th June 2021

Working with Cancer #iamstillme

Here is the 3rd in a series of blogs from SBC patient, Lynne, on Working with Cancer - 

Returning to Work After Cancer

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16th June 2021


#MenGetBreastCancerToo It’s Men’s Health Week, so join @WalktheWalk and collaborating charities. Spread the word… Check your Chest… Save lives!

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10th June 2021

Working with Cancer #iamstillme

Here is the 2nd in a series of blogs from SBC patient, Lynne, about her experiences of Working with Cancer.

Being away from work. 

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Working with
4th June 2021

Working with Cancer #iamstillme

SBC patient, Lynne, shares a series of blogs with us about Working with Cancer.

Stepping away from work after a cancer diagnosis

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Copy of What Is A Lumpectomy
30th April 2021

Patient Experience: Lumpectomy

What was your experience of the period just prior to your lumpectomy? Was everything explained to you about the type of procedure, options available and what to expect from recovery?

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Diane Lavin
15th April 2021

HER2+ Secondary Breast Cancer

The next patient blog in the OWise & Make 2nds Count collaboration comes from Diane Lavin and she shares her HER2+ Secondary Breast Cancer story. 

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8th April 2021

What Is A Mastectomy?

A mastectomy is an operation to remove all of the breast and is used to treat breast cancer in both men and women. Recovery time can take between 4-6 weeks.

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1st April 2021

All About HER2 Secondary Breast Cancer

In the third blog of our partnership with Make2ndsCount, we want to share reliable information surrounding the science behind HER2 positive secondary breast cancer, as well as current and future treatments available. Nearly a third of people diagnosed with earlier stages of breast cancer will develop advanced disease [1][2].

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25th March 2021

Complementary Therapies Conversations: Cryotherapy

As part of Complementary Therapy Week, Kayley tells us about her experience of using cryotherapy *Disclaimer: The benefits of therapies is not yet a recognised treatment in the U.K, please speak to your specialist before using Cryotherapy. I go to cryotherapy.

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18th March 2021

HR+ Secondary Breast Cancer

Following the first blog of our series with OWise about the science behind HR+ secondary breast cancer, in this blog, we wanted to share with you the experience from Jacqui Crewe, a secondary patient with HR+, HER- breast cancer.

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3rd March 2021

Advanced hormone positive breast cancer

In the first blog of our series in partnership with Make 2nds Count, we want to share with you reliable information surrounding secondary breast cancer and the available treatments. Nearly a third of people diagnosed with earlier stages of breast cancer will eventually develop advanced disease [1, 2].

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2nd March 2021

Understanding and living with secondary breast cancer

OWise and Make 2nds Count are working together on an innovative series of blogs looking at the different types of secondary breast cancer and treatment available and then hearing from patients about their own experience of this incurable cancer. OWise, your personalised app for breast cancer  

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2nd February 2021

No Evidence of Active Disease

A question we often get asked is “how can you be Stage 4 and also be NED or NEAD?” so we thought we’d help try and take away some of the confusion surrounding this topic. Firstly what is NED or NEAD.

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9th December 2020

Walk the Walk “Check your Chest” poster

Men Get Breast Cancer too!You can download Walk the Walk’s Check your Chest poster here Why Chest Check? With no routine screening, and currently little research, most male breast cancers are only found by Checking the Chest!

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Types of Secondary Breast Cancer  Oestrogen Receptor Breast Cancer
6th July 2020

Types of Secondary Breast Cancer: Oestrogen Receptor Breast Cancer

So far in our info posts we have covered where secondary breast cancer can spread to and also HER2 status. Today we are talking about Oestrogen receptor breast cancer or as it is more commonly known ER+ or ER-.

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