9th December 2020

Walk the Walk “Check your Chest” poster

Men Get Breast Cancer too!You can download Walk the Walk’s Check your Chest poster here Why Chest Check? With no routine screening, and currently little research, most male breast cancers are only found by Checking the Chest!

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Types of Secondary Breast Cancer  Oestrogen Receptor Breast Cancer
6th July 2020

Types of Secondary Breast Cancer: Oestrogen Receptor Breast Cancer

So far in our info posts we have covered where secondary breast cancer can spread to and also HER2 status. Today we are talking about Oestrogen receptor breast cancer or as it is more commonly known ER+ or ER-.

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2nd July 2020

Nicky: Treatment VS Covid

Life as a stage for cancer bod is tricky enough without throwing a global pandemic into the mix. For me Covid has bought with it both negatives & positives, let me explain...

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30th June 2020

Shielding In England: Mary's Story

In my opinion, shielding guidelines have been woolly from day one. They were put in place to protect the vulnerable, but in many cases, shielding has caused anxiety, frustration and fear, and that’s mainly due to the confusion.

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Winter Clearance v3
22nd June 2020

Where Secondary Breast Cancer Can Spread

Sites of Secondary Breast Cancer Breast cancer can spread from the breast to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system or the blood stread. The most common sites for breast cancer to spread to are the bones, lungs, liver and brain.

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14th June 2020

Types of Secondary Breast Cancer: HER2

When you are diagnosed with secondary breast cancer you will be inundated with terminology which can be very overwhelming. This series of info posts will tell you a little bit more about each type of secondary breast cancer.HER2 Status HER2 or it's formal name of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 is a gene that can play a role in the development of breast cancer.

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28th February 2020

Secondary Breast Cancer: Where Can It Impact?

One of the most common questions we're asked about secondary breast cancer is; what parts of the body does it impact? When breast cancer cells spreads to another site within the body through the lymphatic system or blood stream it is commonly referred to as metastases or ‘mets.’ The most common areas that breast cancer cells spread to are the bones, brain, liver, lungs and skin.

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2nd February 2020

What Is Secondary Breast Cancer?

We hear about breast cancer on almost a daily basis, yet many people have never heard of secondary breast cancer and even though the disease kills on average 1,000 people every single month in the UK alone. So, what is Secondary Breast Cancer?

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8th January 2020

A Christmas filled with cheer and tinged with fear…

It’s Christmas!!! The dulcet tones of Noddy Holder fills the house and I can’t help but smile.

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