Fundraising 2022 How To Get Involved
27th December 2021

Fundraising 2022 - How to get involved

There are so many individual ways for you all to get involved in fundraising and we know that sometimes coming up with ideas is the hard part so we have arranged a few fundraisers that you can join us in over the next year. We have also put together a list of running/distance events throughout the country that you can sign up to.

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21st December 2021

Gemma's Story

Gemma was a vibrant, loving, kind-hearted daughter, sister, auntie and girlfriend. Whenever Gemma walked into a room, she lit it up with her beauty and personality.

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Fundraising Thank you 2
9th November 2021


Everyday we are overwhelmed by the creative and challenging ways our amazing supporters fundraise for us. You are awesome!

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The whole team before we set off
30th April 2020

Saunter for Secondaries

Ever since I was diagnosed with Secondary breast cancer in late 2017, and came across Lisa Fleming’s story on how Make2ndsCount was born, I knew I wanted to support the charity in some way. Many people raise awareness by opening their world to social media which I totally admire and appreciate, but that wasn’t for me, so I knew I wanted to do something else.

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5th April 2020

How To Fundraise Virtually

The coronavirus has had an impact on all organisations. Charities are no exception to that!

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Kerry Ellis. Pic Ric Brannan Photography
24th November 2019

Concert Review

Review by Martin Gray ( Christmas came early in aid of Make 2nds Count at St Giles’ Cathedral on Friday night. The shops may be decorated with tinsel, Channel Five may be filling its afternoons with festive films, but it takes a lot to get me into the Christmas spirit before 1 December.

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Sunshine on Dalkeith
16th November 2019

Sunshine on Dalkeith

I was first diagnosed with primary breast cancer three years ago but unfortunately last year I found out that this had progressed to secondary breast cancer. Secondary breast cancer means although treatable it’s no longer curable, and I wanted to make more people aware of this.

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8th October 2019

Forth Rail Bridge Abseil

In October 2019, 10 participants got together for Make 2nds Count. They challenged their selves in this exhilarating and unique challenge which allows you to abseil (free-fall style like S.A.S) from one of Scotland’s best loved landmark.

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