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Complementary Therapies Conversations: Cryotherapy

25th March 2021 by Kayley Sullivan Education


As part of Complementary Therapy Week, Kayley tells us about her experience of using cryotherapy 

*Disclaimer: The benefits of therapies is not yet a recognised treatment in the U.K, please speak to your specialist before using Cryotherapy. 


I go to cryotherapy. It gives me a boost of energy, a clear mind and makes me feel amazing It’s not for everyone but it’s definitely for me. 


How does it work?


Whole body cryotherapy can play a huge part in helping to boost a person’s mood, through  reduction in negative hormones. During treatment a person goes into a very small fight or  flight response which in turn reduces the body’s’ cortisol levels. Whilst dramatically  increasing a person’s serotonin and dopamine levels, this means that after therapy (and for  the next 48-72 hours) a person is experiencing extremely low chemical stress. This can lead to improved sleep quality  for many people who use the therapy.

How can it help the body? 


During treatment the increase in blood circulation means that there are more enriched  nutrients sent to the body’s organs, this in turn means that the body’s regulatory systems  are stimulated, this includes the immune system. Which in turn means it’s working to its  fullest potential.  

On top of this the body’s cellular functions are boosted during and after treatment. This is  due to enriched blood being pumped around the body. In short better circulation helps  promote efficient cell growth and organ function.