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Epirubicin - Patient Experience

30th October 2021 by Val Boxall Education


As part of our series looking at different chemotherapy treatments for secondary breast cancer, Val Boxall shares her experience of Epirubicin this week.


When were you diagnosed with secondary breast cancer?

I was diagnosed august 2020 inflammatory triple negative cancer. 


Where are your mets located?

They said it was in my chest wall and neck. So assume this was secondary. Brain mets first diagnosed April 2021.  Had surgery but unfortunately they have returned. So having radiotherapy at the royal Marsden. Also now diagnosed with skin mets and tumours in my chest again.   I have brain mets so that makes me feel poorly. 


What treatment line are you on?

Having weekly E for the secondaries have it for 2 weeks and then 1 week off. So well off this week. It is my 3rd Line Treatment, cape didn’t work for me. 


What is/was your experience of Epirubicin? 

Hoping it gives me more time with my family. The treatment makes me feel sick but I take the anti sickness meds and I cope ok with it. Also very tired so the the couple of days after I have it. I sleep a lot.  Side effects for me mainly tiredness, constipation. So I take meds for that. I do get a sore mouth but tell chemo unit and can have medicine for that. I do feel sick for first couple of days but then the anti sickness tablets help so I am never physically sick. It is doable.


What advice, if any, would you give to someone about to start this treatment?

Try to be positive it is IV but an injection so doesn’t take as long as other chemo. But have to go to chemo unit to have it. Don’t give up hope. I don’t feel that well but will take everything they offer me. Good luck to everyone on it. If offered take it as on a positive my cancer markers have reduced slightly. Hope.

Rest up when you need to. Be kind to yourself. Take medicines to combat side effects if needed.