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How Were You Diagnosed?

2nd May 2022 by Claire O'Donnell How Were You Diagnosed

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When were you diagnosed with secondary breast cancer?

March 2016 confirmed.

What type do you have?

Bone Mets to my ribs, sternum and lower spine. 

Did you have a primary diagnosis?

Yes - October 2015.

What symptoms made you go to the doctor? 

My left breast had swollen to twice the size of the right breast and I had electric shock type pain going through it.  I could feel a lump in my under arm but it was hard to tell what it was. 

How long did it take to be diagnosed? 

I had about 4-6 weeks of being treated for mastitis by my GP with antibiotics.  I knew within myself it wasn’t mastitis. 

It took longer than it should also as I didn’t receive my 2 week referral to the breast clinic.  As it was taking so long and I was worried about it, my employer at the time very kindly paid for me to go to a private clinic where I was diagnosed same day. 

How many times did you speak to a medical professional before you were diagnosed?

Quite a lot due to the mastitis issue and then not receiving my breast clinic appointment. 

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