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Keeping The Kids Entertained Whilst Staying At Home

5th May 2020 News


With schools and nurseries closed most children are at home and without museums, play parks, soft plays and cinemas, keeping them entertained is a tough job! Parents, we hear you and Make 2nds Count are here to help with some inspiration. Here are 5 ways to keep the kids entertained:


1. Build an indoor obstacle course


Ok, this one may be a bit loud, but our team’s kids love it and it provides hours of entertainment. Get some household items together; build some books into a fence, place a mop across the hallway as a limbo challenge.


Time the kids as they make their way through the course and see if they can beat their time!



2. Hold a household art competition


Painting, drawing, lego we’re all resorting to indoor activities just now but few love this more than children. Why not set the kids an arty challenge. Ask them to draw a household item; maybe a piece of fruit or even the dog. 


Give them a couple of hours to complete their work of arts and then ask them to showcase them to “the judges”. You are, of course, the judges.



3. Sports day in the garden


Sports day is always a highlight of the school and nursery summer term, it’s looking unlikely that we’ll see many sports days this year. Why not host one in the garden? 


Classic events such as a skipping competition, bouncing a ball on the tennis racket and maybe even an egg and spoon race will keep the kids entertained for hours. 



4. A neighbourhood scavenger hunt


We’re each allowed one piece of daily exercise with our households. Today, why not take a walk around your neighbourhood and ask the children to find historical items or well known local spots. 


Make a list of recognisable local spots; a really tall tree, an old fashioned lamp post or a victorian chimney pot. Wander around with the kids for an hour and see if they can spot everything on the list!


5. Bake a cake


Admittedly, this one might get a little messy but kids love to bake and at least you’ll be rewarded with a new batch of cupcakes to enjoy!



Here’s a recipe for fairy cakes that we (and our children) absolutely love . It takes about an hour - definitely the perfect amount of time to keep the kids entertained! Why not experiment with different toppings, we love sprinkles and marshmallows. 


We have a specially designed kids charity challenge up our sleeves, so watch out for that very soon. Until then, give these a try and let us know how it goes! Tag us in your photos on Instagram @Make2ndsCount and have fun.