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Make 2nds Count opens its new round of research grant applications 

23rd November 2020 News

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We are delighted to open the next round of Make 2nds Count grant applications for research into secondary breast cancer. 

At a time when research funding and progress has been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic then it is even more vital that research dedicated to secondary breast cancer patients continues.

They do not have time to wait.

Since the charity was launched in 2018, Make 2nds Count has already funded two research projects via the University of Edinburgh and University of Liverpool.

This latest grant round is awarding grants of up to £50,000 per application that are focused on quality of life or treatments exclusively for secondary breast cancer. Grants will be awarded to studies who demonstrate the most patient benefit and whose outcomes will have the most patient impact.

There are an estimated 35,000 people living with Secondary Breast Cancer in the UK. Gladly, many people are living beyond the median survival rate of just 2-3 years and better medical understanding of Quality of Life which can include daily living as well as mental, physical or sexual health among metastatic patients is an increasingly key priority. 

Chair of the Board of Trustees Joanne Lacey said: ‘Make 2nds Count was founded to raise money for research into secondary breast cancer which continues to be underfunded. The Research Committee has decided to focus the next grants on quality of life research and patient impact. 

The needs of secondary breast cancer patients are unique to them and it is essential that dedicated research is carried out to improve treatment lines and better understand the impact on quality of life for those living with this incurable disease.”

The application deadline is 31st December and grants will be awarded in Q1 2021.