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My SBC Journey - Janet

9th May 2021 by Janet Kelly SBC & Me

SBCMe Janet

When were you diagnosed with SBC?

I was 52 when I was diagnosed in June 2016; 13 years after my first diagnosis at 39 of Stage 1.

How were you diagnosed with SBC?

I was relocating back to the UK from Hong Kong after 22 years. I usually had yearly mammograms every May. Wasn’t going to bother but so very glad I did. Had no symptoms but a tumour was found deep in my chest wall right behind the original lumpectomy and a PET scan found a MET on my right hip.

What has been your treatment Journey?

Started Letrozole and denosonab injections immediately had surgery to remove the tumour in my chest wall. And SABR to my hip.  Palbo was added when it became available in Dec 17. Spent 10 months getting dose right but still on this combination and luckily have been NEAD since Dec 16.

What would have helped make your journey so far easier?

Initially I thought I would be dead by the Christmas. But seen 5 Christmas so far.  I wish I’d known my diagnosis wasn’t an immediate death sentence. Getting the diagnosis after 13 years floored me.  I had no idea it could come back after so long. 

What advice would you give someone who has just received their diagnosis?


Statistics are outdated. There are so many different treatment plans.  

Take someone with you to appointments so they can remember what you can’t and have a list of questions otherwise if you are like me I come out without asking anything.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Ooh too many places but the beaches of the Philippines are just beautiful.  I was lucky to live there for 8 years in an amazing country. 

Do you have any great TV/film recommendations?

An Officer and a Gentleman 

Nottting Hill

Love Actually 

Cheesy  chick flicks

Favourite books?

My all time favourite book is the Road Less Travelled it was written 20 years ago by Scott Peck. A self help book. It opens with the line “ Life is difficult”. True then and true now.