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1st July 2020 News

Podcast 1

Board member Lesley has had a busy month representing the secondary breast cancer community.

The Conversation

This podcast, part of a series called 'Medicine Made For You' looks at genes, clinical trials and how it might be possible for the NHS to take on a more personalised approach when it comes to our health. It also looks into why Scotland, a country of 5.4 million people, with one of the lowest life expectancies in Western Europe, is one of the pioneers of this kind of research.  As well as interviewing Lesley from a patient perspective, the podcast also interviews Professor Andrew Biankin and Dr Susie Cooke of the Glasgow Precision Oncology Lab, part of the University of Glasgow.  They have developed an exciting new and affordable, cancer genomics test which they hope to pilot within the NHS in Scotland.

You can listen to some of her work here.

The Conversation



The Ripples podcast series has been created by ex BBC journalist, Clare English, looking at the unintended consequences of COVID on cancer patients and their care.  The COVID pandemic has had a dreadful effect on everyone, but there is one group of vulnerable patients it's hitting particularly hard.  Cancer patients.  In this series Clare investigates issues like genomic testing, palliative care, the importance of data in cancer care and what lockdown means for patients.  She brings patients, carers, researchers, pharma and medics together, including oncologists Professors Karol Sakora and Carlo Palmieri.  In the first episode she talks to our Board member Lesley Stephen about her cancer experience and how she has been affected by COVID.

You can listen to the importance of genetic testing.

The Ripples