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SBC & ME - My Treatment

23rd July 2022 by Rachel Stewart SBC & Me

Rachel Stewart

Has your treatment line changed since you completed SBC & Me last year?

I feel fortunate that I am on the same line of treatment and am stable. 

How many changes to treatment have you had?

I initially had 6 rounds of chemotherapy (Docetaxol) now on targeted therapies injection (Phesgo) every 3 weeks, bone strengthening (Denosamab) injection every 6 weeks and started Letrazole to starve the site of oestrogen.

How are you coping?

On the whole coping ok with the meds. I have daily nose bleeds and ache quite a bit if I am still for a while. I find I have a shorter attention span and not as able to multi-task as much. These are things I am learning to work around. I try to do quite a bit of self care to help on the the mental and emotional effects of living with SBC which helps me enormously.

Do the side effects affect your life daily?

Fortunately not at this stage.

Have you found a routine that works for your everyday life?

Yes, it takes me longer to get up in the morning. I am no longer able to work but find a number of creative and social activities to fill my time. I write lists to remind me of things to do.

Do you feel anything is missed when it comes to living with secondary breast cancer?

The need to look after yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. For me the treatments are one piece of a big jigsaw. There are a great many other things we can do to feel more empowered and in control. Finding support to look after yourself in a holistic way (NOT alternative way) can help. I had to find this pathway myself.

Have you treated yourself to anything since your diagnosis?

My husband and I have travelled around Ireland for 3 months. I flew back every 3 weeks for bloods and treatments. We have also been to a few festivals and have signed up for a cross country rally to have an adventure and to raise money for Make 2nds Count.

Has it changed your perspective on life?

Most certainly. I want to do as much as I can while I am stable and able. I try not too look into the distant future but certainly in the short and medium term. Our motto is JFDI! Just F* do it!


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