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Trials Experience: Joanna

9th March 2021 by Jack Allan Trials

Joanna Trials

When were you diagnosed?

I was told over the phone by my GP on Friday 13th Oct 2017 that it looked like my cancer was back after I asked for some tests on rib pain. I had no idea this could be a possibility!

My first diagnosis of breast cancer was Oct 2010


What is the trial?

It's a trial for hormone treatment.


How did it come about?

I had a load of scans and tests at the Royal Marsden to see if they could help me and which trials would be suitable


Had you heard of it in advance, did you research it or was it mentioned to you?

No, my husband and I pressured the Consultant at North Devon to contact the Royal Marsden (I knew when we lived in London that its a top cancer hospital) after he said there wasn't anything else they could do! I had told them right at the beginning that I was up to try anything.


How is it going?

Fingers crossed very well! Tumour markers right down and shrinkage of tumours in liver!!



What treatment were you on before this?

After chemotherapy of paclitaxel for 6 months I then was given Palbociclib and Letrozole. Also a monthly injection of Denosumab. This stopped working in Jan 2020.


Do you know of anyone else on trials?



What are your thoughts on the importance of trials and research?

So bloody important. We need these trials and research. More people are surviving primary diagnosis which is fantastic, but we need to fight the next chapter and win!!