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by secondary breast cancer

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Understanding and living with secondary breast cancer

2nd March 2021 Education


OWise and Make 2nds Count are working together on an innovative series of blogs looking at the different types of secondary breast cancer and treatment available and then hearing from patients about their own experience of this incurable cancer.

OWise, your personalised app for breast cancer  

OWise’s founder, Dr. Anne Bruinvels, was working as the Executive Director at the European Personalised Medicine Association when she discovered the challenging, overwhelming and often confusing experience breast cancer patients face. She decided to personally tackle these issues by applying her passion for personalised medicine to breast cancer.


“In a time where technology is fully embedded in our daily lives, I wondered why there were no smart, digital tools to support cancer patients during their treatment”- Dr Anne Bruinvels

Already used by thousands, OWise is a personal cancer support app that helps patients regain control of their life. It is designed to empower patients with safe, personalised information and self-management tools. Users can actively monitor their treatment’s side-effects and share progress with their care team and loved ones.


OWise has been validated and accredited at the highest of standards. It was the first cancer app approved by NHS Digital, is used as an exemplar digital health technology case study by NICE guidelines and is recommended to other patients by 90% of patients and clinicians.

What does the OWise app offer?


OWise provides patients with personalised information based on their diagnosis and treatment plan. them. By answering some profile questions, patients and carers receive in-app personalised content, such as a treatment report with detailed explanations of their diagnosis and treatment options. Further, the app generates a tailored list of suggested questions for healthcare teams. Improving communication between patients and clinicians.

Although designed for patients, carers can also use the app to support their loved ones and access accurate and validated information. 


Within the app patients can track more than 30 different side-effects and symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, lymphoedema, hot flushes and sleep quality. This can be helpful for monitoring any changes or patterns in wellbeing. 


OWise helps users maintain an overview and stay on top of their treatment journey by storing everything securely in one passcode protected app. The user can save notes, appointments, prescriptions, pictures, doctor’s notes, and even audio recording of important conversations. 


“In the timeline, I registered all my appointments. Keeping an overview of ongoing treatments was very difficult with so many different doctors and appointments, but the app helped me to keep that overview, which made me feel in control.” - OWise user feedback


How is OWise different from other apps? 

With OWise patients can share their well-being data via a secure link. This gives clinicians, carers and loved ones a comprehensive overview to the patient’s well being. Allowing for a better understanding of patients’ wellbeing aiding in delivering the best care possible. 


“I used the OWise app to record daily stats throughout my primary diagnosis & treatment. It was invaluable for helping my care team to review any changes in my treatment & effects. It took all my fear away.” - Sheila, OWise User (53)


Data privacy is particularly important to us and data sharing from OWise is always performed securely. We make sure that OWise complies with GDPR rules;  we don’t store any personal identifiers or use any tracking cookies on our app or website (for more information check out our Privacy Policy). The highly ethical and socially-driven standards which underpin OWise allow us to be the only cancer app which can integrate within hospital electronic record systems. 


We are actively working with hospitals and NHS trusts across the country to provide this integrated system. OWise is already highly recommended by medical health professionals across hospitals, including UCLH, Barts, Royal Marsden and Imperial and we are currently fully integrated into NHS Lothian’s patient record system.


We value your opinion. Download the app and let us know what you think!


“OWise is a great app and was hugely useful during my treatment. It was recommended to me by my oncologist, and I am really glad I chose to use it. I would frequently refer back to it when I had to discuss my health with nurses or doctors and without the app I don’t think I’d have been as aware of trends and side effects.” - OWise user feedback


Are there any other aspects you would like to track? Let us know. We want to continue developing according to your feedback.