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Where Secondary Breast Cancer Can Spread

22nd June 2020 Education

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Sites of Secondary Breast Cancer 
Breast cancer can spread from the breast to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system or the blood stread. The most common sites for breast cancer to spread to are the bones, lungs, liver and brain. It may spread to any number of these areas. Less commonly breast cancer can spread to bone marrow or ovaries. 
Local recurrences are when Breast cancer that comes back in the skin of the breast where the cancer was first removed, or in the operation scar, is known as a local recurrence. Breast cancer may also come back in the lymph nodes in the armpit, behind the breast bone, or in the lower part of the neck. This is called a regional recurrence. 

Local and regional recurrences are not secondary breast cancer, as the cancer has not spread to another organ in the body