The Primrose Study 


Make 2nds Count is delighted to be co-funding a leading, new project - the PRIMROSE CSF (Cerebral Spinal Fluid) study - sponsored by the University of Liverpool.  This project sits alongside the PRIMROSE Tissue study and both aim to collect data from patients with brain mets, in order to better understand this disease. 

We have made progress in treating metastatic breast cancer, but our knowledge of breast cancer when it has spread to the brain is limited.

Cancer that has spread to the brain (brain mets) is a growing problem among patients living with metastatic breast cancer, particularly for patients with triple negative and HER2-positive disease.  Patients are living longer with metastatic disease due to new targeted treatments, but this also appears to be contributing to the increase in the incidence of brain mets amongst those patients.

The main treatment currently for patients is surgery or radiotherapy.

With the PRIMROSE CSF study, the research team at Liverpool will collect and study the cerebral spinal fluid of patients with brain mets and analyse it using modern genomic techniques.  They hope that this will lead to a better understanding of the disease and in turn to new treatments for future patients.  

The full PRIMROSE CSF study is funded by Daiichi Sankyo GmBH Europe, North West Cancer Research and Make 2nds Count.

Find out more about the PRIMROSE CSF study and being involved in the research HERE

(Currently the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and Walton Neurological Centre are open for the PRIMROSE CSF Study)

Find out more about the PRIMROSE Tissue study and being involved in the research HERE

(Open widely in hospitals across the UK - see current list.)