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Finding Clinical Trials


Every clinical trial has to be registered, and there are several ways of searching for a clinical trial:

The main international clinical trial registry is  Every metastatic breast cancer trial in the world will be registered here, so it’s comprehensive, but in our experience not very patient friendly or easy to use. 

Clinical Trials made simple with Ancora which helps find your personalised trials options.  It's easy, fast and free. 

There is also a good American site for secondary breast cancer trials, metastatic trial talk.  They also produce a regular online newsletter with the latest USA metastatic breast cancer research news which you can view on their website or sign up to. You don’t have to be a US citizen to access a trial, however the cost makes it unrealistic for most patients.

Here's a guide from the American Cancer Society for patients who are interested in clinical trials. 

For a more local and accessible list of trials, look at the NIHR’s (National Institute of Health Research) database, Be Part of Research, and search under your breast cancer type.  

CRUK also have a database of trials, but it doesn’t list every UK MBC trial. 

myTomorrows is dedicated to helping patients discover and access all possible treatment options. We conduct a comprehensive search of databases worldwide to provide patients and physicians with a personalized listing of treatment options called a Treatment Search Report. It is compiled impartially using relevant medical information and includes options from among clinical trials and expanded access programs. As part of this process, each patient is assigned their own Patient Navigator, who guides them through the steps of their journey to a potential treatment. Our navigators, who have medical backgrounds and speak 10 languages, are trained to explain complex medical concepts in a way that is easier to understand. Information provision services are always provided free of charge to patients and physicians.  

Find more information about how myTomorrows helps patients free of charge here:

However you find a trial, it's important that you take the information to your clinician who will advise on its sustainability and also provide a referral to it. 

What is a clinical trial: myTomorrows explains: