Saturday 28th May 2022

Ben Nevis, Scotland

ben nevis

It's Challenge Time!


We are putting together a small group of 12-15 to take on the challenge of climbing to Britain's highest point, the top of Ben Nevis.

On 28th May 2022 join us as we take on our inaugural charity climb.

With the help of Alison Stevens of Walk and Learn for Life we will be guiding 15 participants up the munro and treating you to a well earned dinner at the bottom.

The climb, which takes between 5-8 hours, will start at 10am and take in some of the most awe inspiring views of our beautiful country.

If this sounds like your kind of challenge and want to find out more, including our training plan and how to sign up, download our information brochure now.

We can't wait to experience this amazing challenge with you.

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