Wednesday 29th July 2020, 7am
to Monday 31st August 2020

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dance challenge

Our dancers have been doing a great job completing their dances each day.

With only a few days left to go check out their progress




Lesley and Ailsa -

Claire -


Cara -


Kayley -


Here at Make 2nds Count we have come up with an idea that not only makes sure you keep moving but that will also give back to those living with Secondary Breast Cancer and the kids will LOVE it.

WHAT IS INVOLVED: All you have to do is complete a dance day during August. 

You’ll find all of your favourite floor fillers, along with some tricky routines to master, on our Dancecard.


HOW TO TAKE PART: Head over to our website to download your Dancecard

Get your family and friends to sponsor you, how about £1or £2 a dance or a set amount for the month.

You can set up your own JustGiving page here setup 

Share the link to your JustGiving page. 

Post it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Post updates on your JustGiving page and social media, letting your supporters know how well you are doing. Invite friends to join up too, it's going to be FUN! 

Tag us in your posts so we can see too 




Let’s make this fun – everyone needs to smile right now. You can do it in fancy dress if you wish, do it as a family, make a zoom event where you and your friends are doing it together or simply on you own. Share your progress, pictures and videos with us