Wednesday 1st September 2021
to Thursday 30th September 2021


This year we are bigger and better with your choice of challenge!


Challenge 1 - The dance routine

This is the new one for this year - we are creating our own dance routine. Throughout September you can learn with us and then join us at the end of the month for our first ever virtual dance party!

Not only that , we need you to help us create the dance by sending us your very own dance move that we will use in the routine.

No need to be shy, if you want to share your move but don't want your video shared, just let us know, we will still include your move. 

how to get involved

sign up here 

Send your dance move to us

We will share the tutorial each week, on our youtube channel, for you to learn at your own pace with our Virtual Dance Party taking place on Thursday 30th September at 6pm

Make sure you subscribe to our channel for all the updates.

Challenge 2 - The dance a day

The dance card is back, packed with some awesome songs to keep you motivated for the full month.

So September has 30 days and this year, no days off so we have 30 songs, some with actual dance routines and some for you to free style too.

Trust us this is so much fun and is a great excuse to be a bit silly everyday and is so good for your mental health.

To receive your dance card ready to start dancing on the 1st of September, sign up below and get ready for some fun!

 sign up here

We want you to take pictures and videos everyday and share them not only on your fundraising page but tag us in social media


#dancechallenge2021 #danceaday #M2C

You are also invited to join us for our Virtual Dance Party at 6pm on Thursday 30th September.