Thursday 27th August 2020, 12.30pm

Virtual Event

Louisa v2

Louisa from Breathe Balance Be will be hosting a virtual Stress Less Session for us.

We had a taster session with the lovely Louisa on one of our Tea & Chat calls last month and it was so well received we have asked her to do a full session for us.

Thursday 27th August at 12.30.

Louisa will use the session to reflect on the past month and prepare for the one to come.

If you would like join us please Register

A former Vice President in the City of London turned stage 4 cancer patient turned Stress Less Coach and founder of Breathe Balance Be ( is on a mission to help people stress less, find calm and happiness whatever life throws there way. It all starts with the breath, our number 1 nutrient, it is the cornerstone of physical and mental health.