Lisa Fleming, our founder

Let’s throwback to May 28th 2017.

Life is crazy (in an organised chaos type of way). Family of three making plans for the future.

May 29th 2017: I am diagnosed ‘de novo’ with primary and secondary breast cancer. Life changes forever.

Edinburgh born and bred, I am a wife and a mummy to our only son, Cameron. Having battled health conditions, primarily endometriosis, for most of my adult life, I thought I was aware of my body and its ‘issues’ or needs. How wrong could I be?

In May 2017, our lives changed as I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer which had metastasised (spread) to my bones and then, in January 2018, to my brain. I had no primary diagnosis, no lump and absolutely no awareness of secondary breast cancer. How could I have not known this was happening in my own body? Sadly, this is the case for thousands of women and men who are diagnosed with this incurable form of breast cancer every year.

We were thrown into a ‘new normal’ which consisted of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and terminology that we had never thought would be a part of our lives.

My life will always follow this path as I hope that my drug treatment continues to treat me successfully. From the day I was diagnosed I knew that when I felt ‘well enough’ I wanted to start to raise awareness and funds to support research into secondary breast cancer. On average, only 5-9% of breast cancer funding is allocated to secondary research.  At times it feels like the elephant in the room when realistically what we need to do is ensure that this is not the case.

Together we can Make 2nds Count.

Lisa x

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