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Scans: MRI

A secondary breast cancer diagnosis is life changing. Over the past months, we’ve heard from members of the Make 2nds Count Community who have told us about their journey and explained how much of a learning curve they’ve been on. Read more 

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Claire: SBC & Me

My SBC story so far starts back around August 2015 when I noticed a few things were different with my left breast. It had swollen to almost twice the size of the right breast and was constantly hot to the touch and had a kind of puckered look to it. Read more 

Types of Secondary Breast Cancer  Oestrogen Receptor Breast Cancer

Types of Secondary Breast Cancer: Oestrogen Receptor Breast Cancer

So far in our info posts we have covered where secondary breast cancer can spread to and also HER2 status. Today we are talking about Oestrogen receptor breast cancer or as it is more commonly known ER+ or ER-. Read more 

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Nicky: Treatment VS Covid

Life as a stage for cancer bod is tricky enough without throwing a global pandemic into the mix. For me Covid has bought with it both negatives & positives, let me explain... Read more 

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Board member Lesley has had a busy month representing the secondary breast cancer community. The Conversation This podcast, part of a series called 'Medicine Made For You' looks at genes, clinical trials and how it might be possible for the NHS to take on a more personalised approach when it comes to our health. Read more 


Shielding In England: Mary's Story

In my opinion, shielding guidelines have been woolly from day one. They were put in place to protect the vulnerable, but in many cases, shielding has caused anxiety, frustration and fear, and that’s mainly due to the confusion. Read more 

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Where Secondary Breast Cancer Can Spread

Sites of Secondary Breast Cancer Breast cancer can spread from the breast to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system or the blood stread. The most common sites for breast cancer to spread to are the bones, lungs, liver and brain. Read more 

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Celebrating Small Charities Week with Little Lifts

This week is Small Charities Week, so we thought it'd be a nice idea to celebrate with our friends at Little Lifts! This morning, Make 2nds Count Fundraising Manager, Emma, chatted to Oa, founder of Little Lifts on Instagram Live. Read more 

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Treatment During Covid-19: Abigail

By way of introduction, I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer (ER+, HER2-) in February 2017. I was 43. Read more 

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Types of Secondary Breast Cancer: HER2

When you are diagnosed with secondary breast cancer you will be inundated with terminology which can be very overwhelming. This series of info posts will tell you a little bit more about each type of secondary breast cancer.HER2 Status HER2 or it's formal name of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 is a gene that can play a role in the development of breast cancer. Read more 

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Make 2nds Count in the News 

As part of our Giving Hope: Coronavirus Crisis Appeal, Make 2nds Count has been campaigning to raise awareness of how delays to cancer research, treatment and trials are impacting the secondary breast cancer community. Last week, Make 2nds Count trustee Lesley Stephen was interviewed by BBC Scotland reporter Joanne MacAuley, during which she explained how being accepted for the last place on a drugs trial four years ago, gave her precious time with her family she never thought was possible. Read more 


My SBC Journey: Danielle

When were you diagnosed with SBC? I was diagnosed on 8th November 2018 aged 29 How were you diagnosed with SBC? Read more 

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