Susan Beevers

How I Thrive: Susan

I’ve been reflecting on the situation I’m in and somewhat compelled by all the stuff I’m seeing during the pandemic about how difficult things are and how to stay positive. I’m staying optimistic and grateful and enjoying life. Read more 


How I Thrive: Ellie

My name is Ellie Frullini. I’m a 44 years young Mum, of a SpiderMan obsessed 4 year old boy and wife to a Hero of a Hubster! Read more 

Nicola Thriver

How I Thrive: Nicola

As we entered 2018 I was with in touching distance of that all important 5 years clear from my primary diagnosis of breast cancer and a new mum to my beautiful little Poppy, but cancer was about to rear its ugly head and snatch away that 5 year milestone just before I could reach out and grab it with both hands. In truth I guess I knew that something wasn't right a few months in to my pregnancy with Poppy but I didn't want to listen to myself, life was good, I had a gorgeous little boy Dylan and I was about to complete my family with my second baby, I just couldn't bring myself to believe something was wrong, so I put all of the pains and symptoms I had down to being pregnant. Read more 


Walk the Walk “Check your Chest” poster

Men Get Breast Cancer too!You can download Walk the Walk’s Check your Chest poster here Why Chest Check? With no routine screening, and currently little research, most male breast cancers are only found by Checking the Chest! Read more 


How I Thrive: Laura

My name is Laura Ashurst and during this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I had my 53rd birthday in North Yorkshire where I live with my husband Paul. That’s momentous. Read more 


How I Thrive - Jeannie

I was diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer in May 2019. I didn’t have a primary diagnosis, I went from thinking I was fit and healthy to finding out I had tumours in both breasts which had spread to my bones and that it was incurable. Read more 

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Make 2nds Count opens its new round of research grant applications 

We are delighted to open the next round of Make 2nds Count grant applications for research into secondary breast cancer. At a time when research funding and progress has been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic then it is even more vital that research dedicated to secondary breast cancer patients continues. Read more 

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Living Well With SBC: Tricia

My name is Tricia. I live in the north of Scotland with my husband I have 2 grown up daughters. Read more 

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Co-funding grant awarded to the University of Liverpool

The PRIMROSE study CI: Prof Carlo Palmieri Co-funding grant awarded to the University of Liverpool to support the study of the genomic landscape of brain metastasis secondary to breast cancer utilising cell-free DNA derived from cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Breast cancer (BC) is the most common cancer in the UK. Read more 

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End of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Campaign

Every month around 1,000 people die from Secondary Breast Cancer. That's 31 people each day, or one every 45 minutes. Read more 


Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness part 4

How Make 2nds Count have Helped Me?The final installment of our series.

How Make 2nds Count have helped me Read more 

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Support Services Highlights

Living with a secondary breast cancer diagnosis is both mentally and physically gruelling for patients and those closest to them. With a focus on quality of life, our support programme helps patients and families affected by this incurable disease by informing, sharing and offering practical advice & support. Read more 

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