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The importance of research and trials for Secondary Breast Cancer patients.

This October during Breast Cancer awareness month we want to raise awareness about the importance of research and trials for Secondary Breast Cancer patients. This is more important than ever in the current climate with charities raising less money due to the coronavirus pandemic and of course, understandably, a lot of medical research has been delayed but every second counts for patients with secondary breast cancer We are launching a campaign to support initiatives highlighting the importance of supporting trials and funding research that has the greatest direct patient benefit and quickest impact for patients. Read more 

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Walk The Walk’s “Men Get Breast Cancer Too” campaign

It's official, Make 2nds Count are one of the partner charities for Walk The Walk’s “Men Get Breast Cancer Too” campaign. Breast cancer charity Walk the Walk has brought together a global group of charities, collaborating to spread awareness that Men Get Breast Cancer Too. Read more 


Karen: SBC & Me

I was first diagnosed with primary breast cancer in May 2016 aged 44 after feeling a lump in my left breast when brushing my teeth one evening. I really didn’t think it would be anything sinister as I had had a clear mammogram in January of that year. Read more 


My Current Treatment: Christine

My cancer recurred (for the 4 th time) in October 2015 detected at an annual routine appointment at the breast clinic. I was scheduled for an excision on December 4.After the op the wound refused to heal ( the medics said this was because it was in the area where I had had radiation many years before when I first had cancer.) Each time it came back it was in the same area this time right in the centre of the mastectomy scar. Read more 

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The University of Edinburgh Research Project

Make 2nds Count has donated over £150,000 to support a pioneering research project at the University of Edinburgh’s Breast Cancer Translational Research Group at the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre. The University of Edinburgh has confirmed that an appointment has been made for a post-doctoral research position, fully funded by our donations with work beginning at the start of October 2020. Read more 

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My Current Treatment: Carine

Secondary Breast Cancer patients regularly work with their oncologists to find treatments that work for them. Today, Carine explains her treatment. Read more 


Lisa: SBC & Me

I was diagnosed 'de novo' in May of 2017. After months of crippling back pain which was blamed on pregnancy by my non too fussed GP : ( I lost movement in my right arm and I was being investigated for that as they thought it was linked to endometriosis which I had been living with since the age of 19. Read more 

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Scans: Bone Scan

A diagnosis of secondary breast cancer often comes after severe chronic pain in the back or joints which is caused when the cancer has metastasised to other parts of the body and in particular to the bones. Your Oncologist is the person who would refer you for a bone scan. Read more 

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My Current Treatment: Claire

Secondary breast cancer patients are constantly working with oncologists to identify treatments, tablets and medicines that keep them stable. Each patient's body is unique and as such, each course of treatment is unique. Read more 

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Scans: CT Scan

A secondary breast cancer diagnosis often comes soon after a diagnosis for primary cancer. A cancer is considered metastatic (or secondary) when it spreads to a new part of the body. Read more 

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Scans: MRI

A secondary breast cancer diagnosis is life changing. Over the past months, we’ve heard from members of the Make 2nds Count Community who have told us about their journey and explained how much of a learning curve they’ve been on. Read more 

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Claire: SBC & Me

My SBC story so far starts back around August 2015 when I noticed a few things were different with my left breast. It had swollen to almost twice the size of the right breast and was constantly hot to the touch and had a kind of puckered look to it. Read more 

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