Sally's story

I’m a 36 year old female, married with two children aged 5 and 2 and life was eventually coming together until 18th June 2017. I was relaxing on the sofa when I found a lump on my breast. This is when the rollercoaster began. 

I attended the breast clinic at Southmead hospital which carried out numerous scans, mammograms and biopsies. An appointment was made for me to attend on 5th July for us to go over the results. This was the longest week ever. 

Well it was confirmed that I had cancer and I was ER-, PR Borderline and HER2- so chemotherapy, surgery then radiation was planned. My first chemo was 19th July so as you can imagine my world was turned upside down and I was pulled from pillar to post with appointments. I had chemo every three weeks with the last session on 2nd November. 

I attended a PET scan whilst going through chemo and suffered another blow.... I was informed the cancer had spread to my sternum. They changed my chemotherapy drug which shrunk my primary tumour. 

Once chemo had finished I had a mastectomy and full node clearance to remove the rest of the cancer. This was a success and the surgeon was happy. Now time to recover before radiotherapy starts. A bit of a breather and time to start enjoying food again. 

I started to experience back pain so when I attended my oncology appointment we discussed my pain and it was decided a MRI will be booked. So again more waiting for results before another blow: the cancer had spread to my spine. 

Next steps; Radiotherapy to my back and sternum to help with pain and yet another PET scan to see if any more spread. 

This all happened in 6 months.