Giving hope to those affected
by secondary breast cancer

Research. Support. Education.


Treatment lines and three-month scans are at the centre of secondary breast cancer patients’ daily lives. 

An integral part of both Make 2nds Count support and research programmes is the mission to support the development of new treatments that are personalised to be most effective for each and every patient.

You can find out more about Trial & Treatments and Make 2nds Counts research programme here.

We also want to offer practical help to patients undergoing treatment. 

Chemotherapy is of course one of the most gruelling treatment lines for secondary breast cancer patients. When this is administered intravenously (IV) then this an additional challenge

  • Risk of infection
  • Treatment takes longer
  • Over time veins collapse 

Implantable ports can help make IV chemotherapy much easier to cope with, but they are not available to all patients on the NHS.

Read more here about implantable ports

With quality of life at the heart of everything we do, Make 2nds Counts believes all secondary breast cancer patients who need IV treatment should have access to an implantable port and is raising funds through it’s ‘giving hope’ appeal to help facilitate this.