a littlelifts box

'Let Make 2nds Count Lift Your Spirits’ 


Are you living with secondary breast cancer in the UK? Is treatment getting you down?

The team here at Make 2nds Count are delighted to be funding littlelifts Chemotherapy & new Radiotherapy boxes specially designed for secondary breast cancer patients.

Packed with love, a littlelifts box is full of mood-boosting goodies and practical products to support women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. From a pain-easing heat pack to luxury body lotion, littlelifts boxes include at least twenty five items carefully selected by women who have experienced chemotherapy or radiotherapy for breast cancer. You can find list of items here.


Apply for you littlelifts Chemotherapy box


*please note that at this time we have a limited supply of the new Radiotherapy boxes, so we would ask that if you have succesfully applied previously for a Chemotherapy box, please do not apply for a Radiotherapy box at this time.  We would like to ensure that these are available to as many new secondary breast cancer patients requests, UK wide, as possible.  Thank you.*