Our final session of Day Four:

Welcome to Family PING!

Thursday 24th June @ 6pm

Family PING! is a highly interactive show designed to bring families together so they can smile, laugh, learn and create memories.

The show is brought to you by 'Random Acts of Nonsense' (RAON) and is the inspiration of founder, Lesley Graney, with her lifelong passion for education, wellbeing and nonsense.

Lesley has created an experience which brings these elements together in a fun, memorable and engaging way using her RAON model:

  • Ready? Be here now. We use simple mindfulness, breathing, visualisation and body scan techniques.
  • Activate. Answer the question of the day. Play a brain game. Learn a new dance or movement. Have fun!
  • Open. Open your minds and hearts. Reflect on kindness and gratitude. A daily quotation to inspire and provide inspiration for the day.
  • Nonsense! Be silly. Get those endorphins flowing. Start your day with a smile.


By the end of the show, families will have spent some quality time together, learned a bit more about themselves and each other, and most importantly bonded with each other through a dose of good old fashioned (and much needed) play!