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Giving hope to those affected
by secondary breast cancer

Research. Support. Education.

Meet the Team

Alison Robb

Head of Communications

I have over 20 years of experience in communications and the media.  I’ve worked for large corporates, start-ups and the public sector to deliver high profile, integrated communications campaigns and get results. This has covered research, engagement, brand and reputation, with the odd crisis for good measure.  I don’t think I was ever going to be a lawyer with my degree but I have always wanted to work in the voluntary sector and now I do.  Make 2nds Count has achieved so much already and there is so much more to do and talk about to support those affected by secondary breast cancer.

Interesting fact - I’m a huge wildlife fan and have been very fortunate to have a rare sight of an orangutan in the wild.  I’ve also seen turtles, monkeys and a giant clam and swum with sharks, dolphins and a smack of jellyfish. Next on my wish list is penguins.


Emma Hall

Head of Fundraising and Supporter Engagement


I graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing arts in 2008 with a degree in Theatre Production.  My first full time job after University was at the Liverpool Arena and Convention centre before moving back to Dunfermline to live with my husband.

I moved into the voluntary sector in 2011 when I started working with Sue Ryder as a Community and Events Fundraiser, before moving to Parkinson’s UK.   I was a Regional Fundraiser for 7 years at Parkinson’s UK covering the East of Scotland.  At Parkinson’s UK I was involved in a great deal of different event, projects and partnerships throughout the years.

I started as Head of Fundraising with Make 2nds Count in November 2019 after meeting Lisa and Euan at an event. A combination of Lisa’s passion and commitment to helping raise awareness of Secondary breast cancer and having two of my family members affected by breast cancer are the reasons I wanted join the charity. 

Interesting fact – Sir Paul McCartney awarded me my graduation certificate.  The picture of him and I is hanging in my home office.

Lesley Stephen

Patient Trial Advocate Coordinator

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, out of the blue, in March 2014.  Previously I had been a self-employed communications consultant, living in Edinburgh with my 4 children.  The shock and grief I felt when being given the news of my diagnosis, and likely 1-2 years life expectancy, was indescribable.

After a rollercoaster first 18 months of treatment, when no treatment seemed to work, I got the last slot on a Phase 1 clinical trial at the Glasgow Beatson Cancer Centre.  That was over 4 years ago, and I am still on it living a great life with few side effects.

Being so ‘well’ has enabled me to become a patient advocate, campaigning to get a better deal for metastatic breast cancer patients who are often ignored when it comes to research, treatments and support.  I have worked with CRUK, Breast Cancer Now, the NCRI, and am a member of ICPV and METUP UK amongst other patient focused groups.  My knowledge of MBC has increased hugely as a result and I am passionate about enabling more patients to access new treatments and clinical trials.

When Make 2nds Count started I was therefore delighted to join the Trustees in order to represent and be the voice of patients, and to help improve the lives of us living with the disease. 

Interesting Fact:  I used to do a lot of hiking and climbing and have been at altitudes of over 19,000 feet many times, including to the top of Kilimanjaro in Africa, Acancagua in Argentina and Cotopaxi in Chile.

Fiona Doig

Community and Events Fundraiser

undefinedI started my career in hospitality, working in all aspects of the industry, predominantly on the frontline as Front Office Manager, driven by my passion for working with people and putting smiles on their faces.

During my time as an official volunteer for Marie Curie, I trekked the Grand Canyon and loved being involved in the bag packing and bake sales that would keep us busy.

Having known Lisa, and being able to call her a friend, for several years now, I have been taken on her journey with her.
Coming on board as Community Fundraiser, for this exceptional charity was an opportunity I could not turn down and I look forward to being involved as we take the charity forward to even greater things.

Interesting fact - I sang in a lift with Brandon Flowers.



Claire O'Donnell

Support & Research Project Coordinator

After two years as a Patient Champion for the charity, I'm delighted to now be officially part of the team as their new Support & Research Project Coordinator. 

I'm eager to help the charity grow their support services. As a Secondary Breast Cancer patient myself, with 5 years living with this disease, I am keen to bring that patient knowledge and hope to this role.

I have coordinating experience from my previous role within the events industry and am very much looking forward to this new support & research challenge.

Interesting Fact: I have a massive Dr Martens collection that I started after diagnosis. Shoes, boots, bags, scarfs, pins. My goal is to reach 100 pairs and in the 2 years of collecting, I already have 78 pairs. I wear a different pair every day and always choose the shoes first and build the outfit around them. They make a great addition to EVERY outfit and they are always a talking point.




Kathryn Orr

I'm the founder of a Sales and Marketing agency that supports business growth.  I started my career in Sales and have always loved being able to impact a business's success.  Leading several start-ups within the financial sector, media and retail have required me to wear many hats, so my work spans across sales, marketing, operations, finance, and product development.

You could say I wear 100 hats at all times, which is challenging but keeps my day to day interesting.  I am a stickler for ensuring a company and its people are optimising their potential. To do this, you must understand all its moving parts, which takes commitment, exploration, and time spent listening and analysing.
I'd say I am extroverted, and I just love honest, hardworking people.  What you see is indeed what you get; there is no requirement for adopting transparency; I am what I am. I see one of my greatest superpowers is helping people find their own superpower. I love mentoring others and get a huge BUZZ connecting with people and realising opportunity and potential.  
My home is in Liverpool, where my heart is although I have enjoyed working in other countries, and New York is a place where I plan to make my second home in the future. I married later in life at 42, to Jamie, I saved the best until last my friends and family say! I am blessed with a daughter Ava; she is preparing for University this year; I will be waving her off with a huge smile (only joking, I will be heartbroken to see her leave), and we have a small scruffy dog called Star who thinks it an Alsation.   My upbringing within a hardworking, kind, humorous family set me up to succeed in life.

I ultimately live by treating others as you would like to be treated yourself. It's really that simple. I'm looking forward to supporting the Make 2nds Count Team.