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Meet Our Champions: Claire

I was diagnosed with primary Breast Cancer in October 2015, at age 37. My treatment plan was neoadjuvant chemotherapy, radiotherapy, followed by a mastectomy with axillary lymph node clearance. Read more 

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Kicking Cancer's Ass in The Gym

I've always been a bit of a fitness freak embracing the Green Goddess high cut leotards and shiny leggings of the 80s to the trendy but subtly branded sportswear of today. I've done aerobics, step, body combat, body pump, pilates, running, yoga and some heavy weight lifting....oh and you can throw some salsa dancing into all that as well. Read more 

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What Is Secondary Breast Cancer?

We hear about breast cancer on almost a daily basis, yet many people have never heard of secondary breast cancer and even though the disease kills on average 1,000 people every single month in the UK alone. So, what is Secondary Breast Cancer? Read more 

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Why are recruitment rates for trials dropping?

Why isn’t every patient with cancer offered a clinical trial? Why are my six little pills not available to every metastatic Her2 patient now? Read more 

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A Christmas filled with cheer and tinged with fear…

It’s Christmas!!! The dulcet tones of Noddy Holder fills the house and I can’t help but smile. Read more 


Our founder makes the top 10!

Edinburgh Evening News Hot 30 list celebrates the key figures from the world of politics, sport, showbiz and beyond - giving them the recognition they deserve. Make 2nds Count founder Lisa Fleming came in at number 8! Read more 

Lesley Stephen

Life on a Phase 1 clinical trial

When I was told in late 2015 that I’d secured the last place on a phase 1 clinical trial, I didn’t in my wildest dreams think I’d end up still on that trial almost four years later. I had been diagnosed de novo (another unnecessarily complicated medical term which means ‘from the start’) in 2014 with Her2 breast cancer that had already spread to my liver, lungs and bones – then a year later into my brain. Read more 

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Concert Review

Review by Martin Gray (Alledinburghtheatre.com) Christmas came early in aid of Make 2nds Count at St Giles’ Cathedral on Friday night. The shops may be decorated with tinsel, Channel Five may be filling its afternoons with festive films, but it takes a lot to get me into the Christmas spirit before 1 December. Read more 

Sunshine on Dalkeith

Sunshine on Dalkeith

I was first diagnosed with primary breast cancer three years ago but unfortunately last year I found out that this had progressed to secondary breast cancer. Secondary breast cancer means although treatable it’s no longer curable, and I wanted to make more people aware of this. Read more 


Forth Rail Bridge Abseil

In October 2019, 10 participants got together for Make 2nds Count. They challenged their selves in this exhilarating and unique challenge which allows you to abseil (free-fall style like S.A.S) from one of Scotland’s best loved landmark. Read more 

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1st Inaugural Gala Ball

We held our inaugural Gala Ball in March 2019, in the picturesque setting of Prestonfield House. The evening was filled with so many highs, from the reception drinks, with a flash mob dance troupe, to the rock choir who sang their hearts out to the outstanding cheque presentation where founder Lisa Fleming handed over a £100,000 check to Dr. Olga Oikonomidou from University of Edinburgh’s Breast Cancer Translational Research Group at the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre. Read more