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Carboplatin - Patient Experience

17th December 2021 by Sarah Michaeloudis Education

Carboplatin Patient Experience


When were you diagnosed with secondary breast cancer?

May 2021.


Where are your mets located?

In my front and back ribs.


What treatment line are you on?



What is/was your experience of  Carboplatin? 

The pain in my body from jaw to hips was unbelievably intense. No painkillers made any difference. There was some nausea for a couple of days and some taste changes.


What advice, if any, would you give to someone about to start this treatment?

Make sure you have strong painkillers and plenty of anti sickness meds. Be prepared to struggle days 4-7 with sleeping because of the pain but it’s definitely more doable than EC or Docetaxel bearing in mind it’s still an iv chemo.