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How To Fundraise Virtually

5th April 2020 Fundraising


The coronavirus has had an impact on all organisations. Charities are no exception to that! As public gatherings are banned and social distancing has been implemented, opportunities to fundraise may appear to be few and far between… this doesn't have to be the case!


Here at Make 2nds Count, we’ve put our thinking caps on to give you a few ideas for how you can fundraise virtually.


1. Take part in online events


On Friday we hosted our online pub quiz! Over fifty teams took part and we raised a staggering £769. We plan to host even more online events and encourage as many people to take part and donate.



2. Do a sponsored fitness challenge from home


The government guidelines restrict the amount of time you’re allowed to be outside your house but that doesn’t stop you from getting a sweat on indoors. Why not try and complete a 5k or sponsored skip in the garden? Use Facebook or JustGiving to get your friends and family to sponsor you!



3. Get creative and sell your work online


This is a great one for all the family! We’ve seen lots of people using their isolation time to get painting, knitting, sketching and so much more. Why not post your work online and sell it for charity. Ask people to message you with their orders and send them your arts and crafts in the post!



4. Donate the money you’re saving


Lots of us have been told to work from home. Whether on not you miss the office, you’re probably saving some extra money by not commuting! If you can, why not donate the petrol money, bus fare or train ticket cost that you would have spent by going into the office. 



5. Connect to Amazon Smile


Most of our favourite shops are now closed which means you’re probably relying on Amazon a lot more than usual. Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of every purchase you make to a charity of your choice. Setting Make 2nds Count as your chosen charity just takes two minutes but it can make a huge difference! If you’d like to do so, please visit and search for Make 2nds Count.



As the COVID-19 situation develops, charities and those we help are being hit hard. Here at Make 2nds Count we recently announced a range of measures to protect those living with secondary breast cancer during this time! 


Your continued support is hugely appreciated. Stay safe and happy fundraising!