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How Were You Diagnosed?

2nd August 2022 by Vanda McKeeman How Were You Diagnosed

HWYD Vanda McKeeman

When were you diagnosed with secondary breast cancer?

I was diagnosed back in July 2012.

What type do you have?

ILC grade2 ER positive HER2 negative(right breast)

IDC grade3 ER positive HER2 positive (left breast)

Also multiple bony mets.

Progression in 2019 to Supraclavicular fossa region of left side of neck which is Triple Negative. Also have "misting/stranding in mesentery area of tummy.

Did you have a primary diagnosis?

No primary diagnosis.

What symptoms made you go to the doctor? 

I went to my GP with infection in my left breast which turned out to be cellulitis, but after 2weeks antibiotics my GP referred me to breast clinic.

How long did it take to be diagnosed? 

From October 2011, it was June 2012 before I was told I'd definitely breast cancer. Then after bilateral mastectomy at my post op appointment I was told it was Secondary.

How many times did you speak to a medical professional before you were diagnosed?

I spoke to medical professionals probably about 3-4times before being diagnosed.