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How Were You Diagnosed?

2nd June 2022 by Heidi Keeling How Were You Diagnosed

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When were you diagnosed with secondary breast cancer?

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in May 2021

What type do you have?

The cancer has spread to the liver.

My latest scan showed 'stable disease'. I am 48 years old so on the outer edges of 'young patient'. 

Did you have a primary diagnosis?

I was diagnosed 'de Novo' (straight to secondary)

What symptoms made you go to the doctor? 

I noticed a very tiny change in my breast, a bit like a sore tendon/ muscle. I was going through menopause and I thought it was to do with body changes. After first noticing it, I couldn't feel it for a while which again made me think aging. About two months later, I felt the lump again and I got an appointment with the GP within two days.  

How long did it take to be diagnosed? 

I went through several tests each time over at 6 week period, each appointment adding another layer to to the diagnosis. 



Before Covid and cancer my husband and I ran a LEGO club for autistic children and adults. I am really pleased that it is starting up and the photo taken after we sorted out some of our stocks. I worked part time through my chemo but extra activities such as the LEGO club had to take a back seat. I am really pleased to be well enough to return to things that matter a lot!