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My SBC Journey - Bev

6th June 2021 by Bev Samways SBC & Me

SBC Me Bev

When were you diagnosed with SBC?  

March 2020

How were you diagnosed with SBC? 

Following a hospital admission for diverticulitis I had a CT scan which showed nodules in both lungs.

What has been your treatment Journey? 

I had a VATS procedure on the nodule in my right lung.  It turned out to be strongly ER positive, PR positive and HER2 negative.  I was started on Letrozole and Palbociclib.  After 6 months my Palbo was reduced as I was not tolerating it very well and had poor quality of life.  Since the reduction things have been a lot better, although I still get very tired.

What would have helped make your journey so far easier? 

Had it not been over lockdown I think it would have been easier to cope with.  I found not having face to face meetings very difficult.  I have seen an oncologist once (which was organised at my request via my Breast Care Specialist Nurse) in all the time I have been diagnosed.

What advice would you give someone who has just received their diagnosis? 

Same as everyone else, do not use Dr Google, outdated information and not personal to you and your journey.  Take all the help you can get and be gentle on yourself.  Each month when my treatment has finished I treat myself to something (Nails, meal out) just to celebrate completing another course.

What is your favourite holiday destination? 

Australia (I am very blessed that my brother lives there).  I have also visited him in Cape Town, Singapore and Hong Kong over the years ????

Do you have any great TV/film recommendations? 

Bridgerton, because why wouldn’t you and parts of it was filmed local to me. 

My favourite every films Hot Fuzz and Con Air.

Favourite books?  

Not a great reader, reading Thursday Murder Club at the moment.