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SBC & Me - My Current Treatment

11th June 2021 by Danielle Hambridge SBC & Me

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SBC & Me - My Current Treatment

How long have you had secondary breast cancer?

since November 2018 so 2 and a half years

Where are your mets located?

My mets were in my liver however, at the moment my liver is clear

What is your current treatment and the regime for taking it?

Herceptin and Pertuzumab every 3 weeks

Do you have any other treatments, holistic or otherwise, alongside?

No I don't 

What advice would you give to someone about to start your current treatment?

The drugs haven't been too harsh on me so I have been very lucky but I would say to anyone sitting in the hospital for hours bring snacks, magazines, plenty of water and things to do! Make sure you rest after a day of treatment as it can be very draining and be kind to yourself; don't start crazy diets or read too much into the information you'll find on the internet.
Listen to your body and find what's right for you and what will help you get through treatment and live as normal a life as possible.