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What is an Aesthetic Flat Closure?

6th May 2021 by Jack Allan

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Aesthetic flat closure after mastectomy is contouring of the chest wall after mastectomy without traditional breast reconstruction.


Aesthetic flat closure is the surgical work required to produce a smooth flat chest wall contour after the removal of one or both breasts. It is defined by the National Cancer Institute as the following: “A type of surgery that is done to rebuild the shape of the chest wall after one or both breasts are removed. An aesthetic flat closure may also be done after removal of a breast implant that was used to restore breast shape. During an aesthetic flat closure, extra skin, fat, and other tissue in the breast area are removed. The remaining tissue is then tightened and smoothed out so that the chest wall appears flat.”


Aesthetic flat closure is a reconstructive, not cosmetic procedure, as it restores a normal anatomic appearance to the chest wall.