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How do I Access a Clinical Trial?

At Make 2nds Count we would like to see every patient with metastatic breast cancer offered the option of a trial at some point in their treatment pathway. 

We will be involved in launching a survey to find out how many MBC patients are offered trials, and how many take part in one.  We want to understand patients’ understanding and experiences of clinical trials and use the findings to change current practice.

We will also be funding a Patient Trials Advocate whose role will involve raising awareness amongst MBC patients of the benefits of clinical research, and the trials that they can access within the UK.  It’s important to be aware that clinical trials have eligibility criteria that may exclude you from taking part.  For example, some trials for MBC patients will exclude patients with brain mets, others might exclude patients if they have already been on a similar class /type of drug.  If you hear about a trial that you are interested in it is important to check these criteria first, and to also ask your consultant for advice.  

Information about clinical trials can be confusing, however your consultant or specialist nurse should be able to guide you through this.

If you’re interested in taking part in a trial, talk it through with your cancer specialist, who is most familiar with your medical history. They’ll be aware of the major breast cancer trials that are in progress and which ones are happening in your area. They can advise you according to your situation.