Giving hope to those affected
by secondary breast cancer

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stage 4 friendships


2nds Together

2nds Together connects patients living with a secondary breast cancer diagnosis online via our Facebook group and informal WhatsApp chat groups. 

The private patient-only group is an online community offering peer-to-peer support and info sharing about experiences, treatments, drugs and more. Whether you want to learn, vent, cry or share 2nds Together connects people who understand what its like to live with secondary breast cancer.

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Tea & A Chat

Launched during the Coronavirus pandemic, Tea & A Chat brings together patients to chat live via a video call. No agenda particular agenda – just a catch up, support and lots of tea. 

Video chats help patients who are self-isolating maintain regular social contact with their peers. Sadly, for secondary breast cancer patients self-isolation is not a crisis-only phenomenon 

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Support Groups

There are many live support groups to help you learn more about living with secondary breast cancer. Ask your breast care nurse for more details about in your local area.

Breast Care Now run dedicated support groups called Living with Secondary Breast Cancer

Some Maggie's Centres run dedicated secondary breast cancer groups – contact your local centre.