Make 2nds Count are partnering with Birdsong to offer up physio led yoga sessions for secondary breast cancer patients. Both these activities have been proven to help patients with breathing, flexibility and pain management. 

The sessions will take place at Maggie's Centre, Edinburgh on Friday's (9am - 10am) from 25th February and run until 13th May.  

A note from Yvonne Whitehouse, Birdsong Yoga:

"I am thrilled to have the support of the Karen Henderson Legacy Fund and Make 2nds Count in offering 10 weeks of Birdsong Yoga Physio ‘Reconnect’ classes to secondary breast cancer patients in the Make 2nds Count community. 

Yoga is known for its many benefits to people at all stages of life, including for people with palliative or incurable illnesses. ‘Reconnect’ classes are specially designed for people with palliative illnesses, and aim to help reconnect you to your body, mind and breath as it is on each day, acknowledging that this may change depending on what is happening with the cancer, treatments, side effects and how you are emotionally.  We will create a space for you to ‘be,’ 

I am a physiotherapist and a yoga teacher and have worked as a physio in hospices for over a decade."

So....What's involved:

The classes are an hour each week, and have a movement section followed by a relaxation, meditation or breathing part to them.  The movements will take place in standing, sitting and lying. There are chairs, blocks, cushions and 1 portable bed available to adapt each person’s yoga experience to their different physical and emotional states each session.  For example, for each pose, someone may be standing holding the chair for support whilst someone else is standing unaided and someone else is doing the arm part of the posture in a chair.  I will guide you through each class as we go.  

Anyone with a diagnosis of metastatic (secondary) breast cancer can apply to attend the classes, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Are able to attend 10 weekly classes at Maggie’s Centre, Western General Hospital, Crew Road South, Edinburgh EH4 2XU on Fridays 9am – 10am from 25th Feb to 13th May.  (There will be no class on Fri 8th or Fri 15th April).
  • Can bring a blanket and a pillow with them. 
  • Are able to get up and down from the floor with the aid of a chair, wall or hands on assistance from the teacher.  (There is one space available on a portable massage plinth for someone who can't get on and off the floor). 
  • Have discussed and agreed class attendance with a member of their Health Care team (e.g breast cancer or chemo nurse, palliative care team, oncologist, GP).
  • Are prepared to complete a health questionnaire with your medical details for Birdsong Yoga Physio prior to the start of classes.


There are 10 spaces available per week and we ask that you make the commitment to sign up for the 10 week block.

If you are interested in attending the fully funded Yoga Physio course, please register here  


*closing date for registration is 28th January 2021*