7th March 2021

My SBC Journey - Kate

When were you diagnosed with SBC? Ten years ago now, de novo secondary diagnosis.

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3rd March 2021

Advanced hormone positive breast cancer

In the first blog of our series in partnership with Make 2nds Count, we want to share with you reliable information surrounding secondary breast cancer and the available treatments. Nearly a third of people diagnosed with earlier stages of breast cancer will eventually develop advanced disease [1, 2].

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2nd March 2021

Understanding and living with secondary breast cancer

OWise and Make 2nds Count are working together on an innovative series of blogs looking at the different types of secondary breast cancer and treatment available and then hearing from patients about their own experience of this incurable cancer. OWise, your personalised app for breast cancer  

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26th February 2021

Patient Testimony: CT Scan

CT scans (computer tomography/CAT) use X-rays along with a computer to create a detailed image of a portion inside the body including organs, blood vessels and bones. They are often used in cancer treatment to diagnose where metastasis are and to monitor progression of disease.

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24th February 2021

Trial Experiences: Kate

When were you diagnosed?Feb 28th 2019 - was diagnosed with stage 3 ER+ breast cancer. March 13th 2019 - was told it had spread to my bones and possibly liver.

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SBC Me Pam
21st February 2021

My SBC Journey - Pam

So I’ve been asked to tell you a bit about my cancer journey, some people don’t like the word ‘journey’ but I don’t mind it, it’s the cancer part that I am not so keen on. My original diagnosis was in 2010 after I had found a pea-sized lump in my left breast.

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18th February 2021

Patient Testimony: Mammogram

Breast screening in the form of a mammogram is provided to all women between the age of 50 and 71 every 3 years, as the likelihood of getting breast cancer increases with age. It has been debated recently in parliament, to bring the age of screening down, with the increased number of younger women being diagnosed, however the Government have not changed the age of screening.

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SBC Me Tracy
14th February 2021

My SBC Journey: Tracy

When were you diagnosed with SBC?I was diagnosed 3rd March 2019.How were you diagnosed with SBC?I was on my last Herceptin for my primary cancer and had an appointment with my oncologist where I mentioned that I had a constant pain in my side that just didn't seem to go away so she sent me for a scan and from that it was discovered I had mets on my spine.What has been your treatment journey?I was diagnosed with HER2+ ER/PR + primary breast cancer in October 2017 and had 3 cycles of FEC and 3 cycles of Docetaxol with Herceptin and Perjeta( which I paid £10.5k for as was not approved at that time in Scotland) then had a lumpectomy and 4 weeks of radiotherapy followed by the continuation of Herceptin and daily Letrozole. On diagnosis of my secondary I had 9 cycles of Paclitaxol and then Cyberknife to my spine in June 2019.

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9th February 2021

Patient Testimony: Ultrasound

An ultrasound scan is a diagnostic procedure that creates an image from a body part inside the body from high-frequency sound waves. Ultrasound scans don’t have any known risks like other imaging examinations as there is no exposure to radiation.

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7th February 2021

My SBC Journey: Dr Bex Lewis

Hi, my name is Dr Bex Lewis (my doctorate is in historical mass communications, though I’m now more involved in encouraging positive uses of digital), I live in Stockport, and am fortunate to live near The Christie, where I get the bulk of my treatment. When were you diagnosed with SBC?

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2nd February 2021

No Evidence of Active Disease

A question we often get asked is “how can you be Stage 4 and also be NED or NEAD?” so we thought we’d help try and take away some of the confusion surrounding this topic. Firstly what is NED or NEAD.

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Skye SBC Me
31st January 2021

My SBC Journey: Skye

When were you diagnosed with SBC? I was diagnosed in May 2020.

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28th January 2021

Patient Testimony: Bone Density Scan

Bone Density Scans or Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) scans, use a low dose of X-ray to establish the density (or strength) of bones. Bone density scans are used to diagnose or assess the risk of osteoporosis, a condition that makes bones weak and likely to break (fracture).

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Jen Hardy SBC Me
24th January 2021

My SBC Journey: Jen

When were you diagnosed with SBC? 18th October 2017 How were you diagnosed with SBC?

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Alison Tait
17th January 2021

My SBC Journey: Alison

When were you diagnosed with SBC? 1st August 2016 de novo How were you diagnosed with SBC?

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